Zino Vogiatzis is the founder of alexander consulting. He is a management consultant who works frequently with small businesses on marketing strategy. He holds an MBA and two engineering degrees. Some comments and articles of his:

The Crafts Report May 2003 - September 2005
Series of 14 columns on web design and web marketing for artists

The Crafts Report June 2006 - October 2006
Series of 5 columns on marketing
for artists - how to successfully organize all marketing efforts

The Crafts Report January 2006
"A New Era For Fine Craft" - the excellent market trends and marketing opportunities for the fine craft business

The Crafts Report January 2007
"Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping" - book review

The Crafts Report April 2006
"Online Applications: More Than Just Converting Slides to JPEGS" - review of the major juried shows application systems


New York Times December 6, 2013
"Drones By Another Name" - comment on the real reasons behind Amazon's announcement of half-hour deliveries with drones (letter to the editor)

New York Times February 26, 2012
Holding a Mirror to Ike, and to Ourselves" - comment on honoring a nation through its heroes (letter to the editor)

New York Times July 7, 2010
"Offering Safety Incentives to Oil Companies" - comment on the ineffectiveness of sticks and carrots for preventing oil spills like BP's (letter to the editor)

New York Times October 26, 2008
"Age Isn't Everything" - comment on the skills and judgment of engineers with MBA's (letter to the editor)

New York Times June 2, 2007
"How Detroit Can Rebound" - comment on how Japanese cars made in the US are actually American (letter to the editor)

New York Times May 29, 2007
"Making Profits and Going Green" - comment on environmental friendliness as a source of competitive advantages in business (letter to the editor)

New York Times May 17, 2007
"The Finance of Business" - comment on adding value on paper vs adding value by offering products and services people want and need (letter to the editor)

New York Times May 10, 2006
"Hollywood, Embrace Your Inner DVD" - comment on why movie studios are reluctant to embrace movie release platforms other than theaters (letter to the editor)

BusinessWeek January 30, 2006
"Marketing Savvy Is Already Inside Intel" - comment on why Intel has both marketing and engineering skills for its new strategy (letter to the editor)

New York Times February 13, 2005
"The Problem at Hewlett" - comment on what HP's ousted CEO did wrong and what its new CEO should be doing (letter to the editor)

New York Times March 14, 2004
"Ethics Lessons On and Off Campus" - comment on the need for ethics classes in business schools (letter to the editor)

New York Times August 31, 2003
"Fiddling With The Reception" - comment on CNN's business mistakes (letter to the editor)

New York Times August 18, 2003
"'Bizspeak': A Tool for Whom?" - comment on the use of business jargon by corporations (letter to the editor)

New York Times May 3, 2003
"To the Barricades! Battles Over Spam" - comment on response rates to spam, the only reason it exists (letter to the editor)

New York Times (Business Section) - Sep 29, 2002
"The Charismatic CEO" - comment on how charismatic leaders create value and values in a company (letter to the editor)

New York Times July 1, 2002
"In the Cult of Business, Icons Fall" - comment on democracy in corporate governance (letter to the editor)

Industry Standard April 24, 2000
"It's Not Easy Being…" - comment on the marketing strategy of Internet retailers (letter to the editor)

New York Times September 13, 1999
"Has Media Giant Grown Too Big?" - comment on the merger of Viacom-CBS and the competitiveness of big businesses compared to smaller, nimbler competitors (letter to the editor)

Fast Company April 1999
"Kudos' - comment on businesses integrating technology with the environment to make green cool

New York Times (Business Section) April 24, 1994
"The Environment Is Business' Business" - comment on how environmental friendliness boosts innovation and leads to improved competitiveness in business (letter to the editor)



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